Monday, April 15, 2013

Soapy Stars

Inspiring Photography

For the past month I worked on a project for Goddess' 8th birthday which included a redo of a Hannah Montana Beach House and some doll furniture but before that I worked on some Barbie horses trying to transform them into Monster High horses that my Goddess would like. She is so NOT a Barbie girl.

I took this photo as part of a tutorial on recreating this Barbie horse. The only edit on it is I brought down the exposure to make the horse darker and added my watermark. Look at those stars. I was thrilled to see them right after I took the photo.

The horse's tail was socking in some soapy water before I my attempt to remove all knots. I believe the stars were some escaped glitter that ended up in the bowl from my paint job on the horse.

So cool!


  1. Stars and bubbles, what a great combo♫ My Catching the Light:

  2. It is a great and creative shot. Love te bubbles and stars. .)


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