Tuesday, April 09, 2013

Busy, Busy Few WEEKS!!!

In the words of Janice from Friends, "Oh     my      GOD!!!!" The past few weeks have been excruciating in the sense that I am just going through the motions of life but there has not been a second that I had nothing to do, remember, think about or sleep on. Everything has been crazy and out of control, you know that feeling like you are going 150 miles an hour and life is just passing you by? Well, that is how it has felt for me.

Life is always busy and that's OK but man, oh manischewitz.

Goddess birthday is this weekend while it is the smallest ever (2 girls + Goddess and 3 cousins), I am having it here which means creating organized crafts based on Goddess' ideas. She wants a Monster High/Craft party. Not a bad idea since I like both of these things too but when money is a factor, well, you know...

Got a great price on cake pops and cupcakes after doing some price comparison shopping between the local baker moms in town. Not sure about your town, but we have a ton of great bakers who bake for cash!

Her party plan looks something like this except her name is in the black square area.

It was fun and easy to create and she was thrilled.

Before Goddess' party I was writing and taking photos for the Mayors Race going on in my town because I run a website and Facebook page for my town since they lost their paper. I also was a substitute lunch lady for 5 days the end of March and trying to meet with the organizations in town to find out what events they have coming up. ALL of this for zero salary BTW...Work my butt off now if I can generate an income. The website has advertising and I charge 8 dollars a week for local companies to advertise but only bill every 3 months and mostly use the advertisers services so really handing the money right back to them. Can someone kick me in the ass now!?

More about Goddess's party coming soon. So much coming soon, now if I only had time to write it.

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