Tuesday, April 09, 2013

Body Archer UnBoxing Video

The Body Archer for Mommies
Balance Out that Post-Baby Body with The Body Archer  

The Body Archer allows moms to now relax and de-stress, stretch out their bodies, strengthen their core muscles, work at their desk on a comfy seat, and rock their babies- all on the same device! The Body Archer debuts online March 5th retailing for $399.00 with shipping included and no assembly is required. Just pull it out of the box and start using it! Plus you can design it to fit every room in the home...even the office or nursery! 
Being a mom is a tough, full-time job, and with the Body Arching™ Stretching Program, you can relax, breathe, and stretch out your body on The Body Archer after using it to rock your baby sleep for those few precious “me-time” moments.
Want to strengthen those post-baby core muscles? The Body Archer also has a Pilates-based Core Strengthening Program created by fitness expert, Kim MacKenzie, to help you tighten and tone that tummy! “Because of weak core muscles after giving birth, most moms rely on their back or shifting their hips when carrying their growing baby around,” Kim says, “This can cause low back pain, sciatic discomfort, or just sore back muscles.  Now, however, with The Body Archer you get a full body workout and a full body stretch to help you re-balance your body after giving birth.” As mom of two, and Body Archer user Tammy Sands says, “I felt it right away and it isn’t in a harsh way. It’s in a very gentle, rocking natural way.”
Also, you can use The Body Archer in any room, and design it to match your existing decor! The Body Archer can be a comfortable ottoman in your living room, a convenient rocking chair in your nursery, or a posture-improving chair in your office! Just choose your wood color (light or dark), and your vinyl top color (Sage, Buff, Black, Light Blue), so you don’t have to turn your fitness device into another piece of storage. Plus, the antibacterial vinyl upholstered top, makes it very easy to clean up any messes your kids may have on it!
The Body Archer is easy to purchase, easy to clean, shipped ready to use with no surprise costs, and designed to be multi-functional for your busy life as a mommy.

About Body Archer
The Body Archer is a work of found inspiration invented by a certified massage therapist and developed to realization by Body Archer LLC founders Robert Wald & Kim MacKenzie to help prevent back injuries and assist the 31 million Americans suffering with back pain. The Body Archer is manufactured in the company’s home base of Los Angeles, California, using high quality materials to create their thick comfortable foam arch, reinforced sturdy wood undercarriage, anti-slip rubber rocking bottom, and antibacterial vinyl fabric. The company’s mission is to help people lose the back pain and educate consumers on the benefits of keeping a strong core and a flexible body and spine.

The kids and I so far have used it to stretch before we work out. We love it and I even use it when I sit at my desk. It is very comfortable and you get an all over stretch. More video coming as we learn more exercises and uses for the Body Archer. Two friends are coming over this weekend and we are going to have them use it and get their opinion as well.  You are only as young as your spine, so stretch daily.

Disclaimer: I received a complimentary product for my honest opinion.


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