Tuesday, December 18, 2012

Our Personalized Mat

This year I polled my friends and community to ask what I should give my grandparents for Christmas. They are in their 90s. Over 35 people responded with things like, plants, gift cards, visits, pictures, a day of help, candy, home made cookies, etc.  We did take them a few of those items but we also brought them a Floor Mat from Personal Creations.

We took one of my favorite colorful photos and through Personal Creations created a personalized photo floor mat for my grandparent's house that they loved!!! It is really amazing and bigger than I had expected!

Here is the original and the mat with my Goddess holding it. Both kids are asking for a mat for their room of their favorite photo and at the price, I may just do that.

It is so easy, you simply upload your favorite photo and wah-la!!!

With Personal Creations, you can create the perfect gift for someone you love.

We do love how it came out. We may just have to get one for our house.

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