Thursday, December 20, 2012

Candice Night - Reflections Review

I wrote about Candice and her debut solo album here 

Candice was a vocalist for Blackmore's Night a Renaissance rock band for over 15 years and Reflections is her solo album. Don't you love that we still call it an album even though we no longer play albums?!


1. Wind Is Calling (Hush The Wind)
2. Gone Gone Gone
3. Black Roses
4. Now And Then
5. Dangerous Smile
6. For You
7. Call It Love
8. Robin Red Breast
9. Alone With Fate
10. In Time

The 411 by Maria and Goddess:

The songs are a mix of folk, pop and country to me. Goddess like them too. She is so into music so I usually just ask her what she thinks. 7 year old Goddess thinks she looks like an angel and sounds like she would be nice.

What I love most and this is usually something I say about female vocalists is that she writes her own stuff! Singer/songwriters amaze me.

My favorite was Black Roses, the melody is beautiful and haunting it reminded me not of Stevie Nicks or Karen Carpenter as some have been saying but Lee Ann Womack. 

I've Loved, I've Lost
My Dreams Were Well Worth The Cost

Her voice is light and sweet.

We like Wind Is Calling (Hush the Wind) with it's catchy chorus. We actually sang it in the car together after hearing it one time.

While she isn't what I would normally listen to. I prefer a more powerful voice, her voice is pretty and soft!

Our least favorite song was Dangerous Smile. While I appreciate the rock guitar the funky vocal reminded me of Britney Spears.

If you are looking for a power house singer who gives you chills or makes you feel raw emotion this is not for you but country music fans and easy listening fans, this may be the new singer you have been looking for.

Disclaimer: I received a complimentary copy of this CD for my honest opinion.

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