Wednesday, February 23, 2011

Primose Family Dance-Off - Enter and/or Vote for My Crazy Kids

This has been one of the funnest (yes it is a word, I looked it up) and most rewarding campaigns I have been lucky enough to be involved in. Anytime I can include the kids, it is a good time.

We put on the music and the kids danced their little butts off. They laughed and carried on for about 40 minutes listening to songs like Who Let The Dogs Out, Celebration and YMCA. They had a blast! My son who has been listening to Baby Einstein tapes to go to sleep since he was born now listens to these songs instead. They ask for a Dance Party every afternoon after school and we boggie down before homework. Beside working off some energy, they are having so much fun! I love our new ritual.

Primrose School is hosting a Family Dance Off to promote healthy habits, physical fitness and good old fashion good times, along with a contest that anyone can enter.

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