Monday, February 28, 2011

Blue Monday - Baby Bunny

This Blue Monday, I present a Easter Bunny Doll that my Father sent to my daughter on her first Easter. It was part of his collection and he wanted her to have it. It sits on a shelf in her room. Every once in a while she asks to play with it and I tell it she has to be careful because the face is porcelain. She says, "I'm good with glass things" and usually only holds it for 10 minutes before she asks me to put it back. The only reason I hold onto it is because my father sent it to her. Once a big doll collector now I see them as mostly dust collectors. I have about 20 dolls in storage tat Goddess has never seen. I hope they are still intact. One day, I will haul them out and go through them. Hopefully, she doesn't' want to keep them all.
Baby Bunny - Blogged


  1. My granddaughter had me sell her American Girl doll collection on eBay when she turned 18. (sigh)

    I love those blue eyes!

    Happy Blue Monday, Maria.

  2. I can see why your little girl likes to hold this lovely doll. I have never seen one like that. Of course, when I was growing up I never had a doll.


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