Monday, February 21, 2011

Happy Mellow Yellow Monday - "Girly Room"


Happy President's Day Everyone!

Here is my son hanging out in the "girly room". I walked by asking him, "honey, what are you doing?

"Hanging in the girly room" was his answer. He was playing with Squinkies that belong to my daughter. Too cute. I love that at almost 8, he is so not embarrassed by this.

"girly room"


  1. the picture is broken. but anyway, Happy Monday.

    Mellow and Blue Monday
    Prosperity's Desire

  2. it does not load on my blog or maybe it was just my internet connection.

  3. Love the sun/moon paper!

  4. Sorry girls. Not sure why you aren't seeing it but thanks for visiting.

    Thanks Freda. My husband picked that out 8 years ago and we based the room around it. Thankfully Goddess likes it too since it is now her room.

  5. Is it just me or is he wearing two different socks in the girly room? lol My daughter does that ALL THE TIME, only it will be a pink one and a blue one or something like that.
    I've heard Squinkies can be pretty addictive for boys and girls both!

  6. Oh yeah girl, those are two different socks. I guess he was too lazy to look for matching pairs. It's not hard since I roll the pairs together. He is waaay lazy. Those Squinkies are very cute. We have too many already. Grrr...small enough that you aren't bothered by them though.


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