Sunday, February 06, 2011

It's A Good Day When......

The bubbles in your cup show up as a heart!!

Dish Water Heart

Now, I can hear you guys out there. Half are saying, awwww...and the other half which will include Clary are saying, 'You're so stupid". By the way, she is saying it with a big thick Bronx accent and she will make sure to tell me in person too.

Oddly enough, my husband accidently cut his foot two weeks ago on the kitchen floor and the blood mark was in the shape of a heart too! I cleaned it up and was quietly wishing I could get my camera but was worried about his foot. He made a statement later that he was surprised I hadn't gotten the camera to blog it. Damn! Wish I had because it would make this pre-valentine, heart post, so much better.


  1. Awesome! Love is all around you.

  2. Anonymous1:09 PM

    Believe it or not I said awwwwww!! How cute. You're stupid anyway for saying that (AND WHAT) lol

    BTW love your new layout color and flowers blooming.

  3. Yes, nothing like a bloody heart to make a preValentine's post fabulous! lol
    I said Awww about the bubbles though :)


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