New Moon Giveaway, Candy & Jewelry Ahhhh Perfect Together

The countdown for New Moon has pretty much taken over my Chotskies Blog for the past 9 months. I love the whole Twilight Sage and can't wait to see New Moon.

I am not so fanatical that you will see me anywhere near the theatre for the next few weeks because I really want to SEE and HEAR the movie. I can do without the gasps and screaming of the crazies but I am as excited as the next person.

Hopefully I can get some of my girls together and go see the movie one day in a couple of weeks.

Until then, I have a New Moon Giveaway for my readers.

Last month I found New Moon. Chocolate by Skybar to be exact. Carmel for Edward, Cream filling for Bella and Peanut Butter for Jacob.
I wish I bought more than two bags because they were yummy. We (the husband, my nieces and I ate one bag) and the other I hid away for this exact moment.

Beside the Skybar Chocolate I have a New Moon Keychain and a Jacob (minus the shirt) pendent from Street Angel

Since this giveaway is for New Moon fans, I thought we could have some fun with this.

To Enter answer 1 or all of these questions, for each question answered correctly, you will get another entry in the giveaway.

If you are a New Moon fan, these questions will be easy for you.
  • What is the name of the vampire family that lives in Volterra, Italy?
  • How does Edward plan to provoke the vampire royalty into killing him?
  • Who finds Bella in the woods after the Cullen family leaves Forks?
  • Who did Sam Uley imprint on?

To Enter, Fill Out The Form Below before Dec 3rd at Midnight:

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