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Last month I received two books by Lori Jordan-Rice. One was Miss Trimble’s Trapdoor and the other Miss Trimble’s Trapdoor: The Perseverance of Christopher Columbus.

Due to the family being sick the month of October I got to them later than I wanted to. Why? Well, the books are fabulous. They are geared toward 6-12 year old children but I believe children as young as 4 will sit through them.

Miss Trimble's Trapdoor: Book 1

About this title: Tyler Thompson hates that he never knows the answers to any of Miss Trimble's questions in class. But one day, Tyler accidentally unlocks a secret trapdoor beneath his school desk! He discovers a dark, mysterious basement filled with old books guarded by a magical talking dog named Barnabas Bailey. Now, with the help of the books and Barnabas, Tyler can travel to any time in the past to learn about history up close.

The Perseverance of Christopher Columbus- Book 2

About this title: Tyler Thompson doesn't know which is worse: trying out for the school basketball team or giving an oral report about Christopher Columbus in front of the whole class! But with the help of the magic trapdoor beneath his school desk and his trusted canine guide, Barnabas Bailey, Tyler travels back in time to visit Columbus himself. When he sees the setbacks even a great explorer can face before reaching his goal, Tyler knows he can't give up.

In A Nutshell:  I was a terrible student in school and History was not something I was ever interested in. Believe me when I say this, my grades showed my disinterest. These books would have changed everything for me. The author, Lori Jordan-Rice creates a fantasy world by taking a classroom setting throwing in a touch of magic to formulate something that children will love. 

There are two children on my Christmas list that I will be buying these for. Not because they aren't doing well in History but because I know they will absolutely love them. 

The illustrations are awesome and the story is besides educational, extremely entertaining. I was transported into the book and at times forgot I was supposed to be reviewing a child's book.  This book series would make a great movie for children.  The author also has a great moral lesson entwined in the story that doesn't beat you over the head but won't be lost on the youngest of readers. 

I believe this book is a great addition to a school curriculum, home school library or just your own personal library. Kids learn even things they don't love by having fun. These books are fun and may just change the way your children look learning about History.

Amazon has an amazing price for both books. You can buy separately $9.32 each or together $18.64 with Free Shipping.

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  1. Gee, I wish there were either a trap door under my desk in History when I was in school (I had trouble, too) or wish there were books like this when I was a kid.
    Thanks for a great review. I think these might be good for when my grandson gets older.


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