Sunday, November 29, 2009

A Goddess Moment


While waiting for my son to come out of school the other day, Goddess and I were waiting in the car. She likes to come sit in the front while we wait and this day she had something to say about Princesses'.

"Mommy, sometimes princess make this face when they are locked up."

Me: "when they are locked up?"

"Yes when the bad person locks them in a tower."

Me: "oh (trying not to laugh), yes I guess they might make that face."

"And sometimes the sing a song."

Me: "what kind of song?"

"I don't know something that makes the animals come or makes people sad."

Too cute.

Umm....we don't watch a lot of Disney movies but now I am wondering where she got this from.

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  1. She is just amazing... so insightful. She gets it from you, because she can see into peoples hearts, just like her mommy. She knows when people are sad or need a song to lift their spirit.
    You are an awesome mommy!


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