Blue Monday - The Latest And Greatest

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This Blue Monday, I am posting a photo of my latest and greatest necklace to date. I absolutely love this necklace and can't stop looking at it.

This upcoming weekend, I am part of a pre-holiday extravaganza with 4 other entrepreneurs, and will be trying to sell this baby along with 90 of my other pieces. It will be hard to part with this beauty but heck, I create with the goal to sell so it has to go.

Oh yeah, see me? There I am in the silver pieces, well my lens anyway.

I wish you a very happy morning.


  1. love how the vibrant blue and green seem to bounce off of each other

  2. That is truly a lovely necklace. I am afraid I would not be able to part with it.

  3. Great color combo! I noticed your camera right away in the silver beads. :-)

  4. It's pretty, Maria. Happy Blue Monday.

  5. That necklace is very pretty!

  6. How lovely! Thank you for sharing it with us. Have a wonderful Blue Monday.

  7. I love it , it reminds of the sea& the beach.

  8. Beautiful! Have a wonderful week!

  9. Another show... I am so proud of you!! You go girl... you are just amazing. Those blue beads are gorgeous, just like you. I didn't notice your camera lense until you said something, those are some shiny beads. I know you will do a fantastic job at your sale.


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