Sunday, December 14, 2008

Attack of the Monday Meme's

Blue Monday - This is an ornament I made with a clear ornament. I added paint and embellishments and gave them as gifts. Before kids I was pretty crafty.
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Manic Monday - The theme this week at Mo's Manic Monday is Candle. I wish I had some beautiful picture of a candle but unfortunately I don't do many candles these days. Kids without a high enough place to put the candle makes me nervous. When I did do candles I LOVED Illuminations. There is nothing like their Eggnog candle. Yummy!

Monochrome Monday - This has always been one of my favorite black and white photos from the botanical gardens.


  1. Very nice pic, looks so peaceful.

  2. Illuminations is a wonderful source. Sometimes I just visit to look at their latest creations.

  3. Anonymous9:04 PM

    The angel sculpture was so nicely shot.

    My Monochrome photo is up here. Hope you can pass by, too. Thanks!

  4. Anonymous2:35 AM

    Has a decidedly antique feel to it.
    Good one.

  5. That's a nice picture. Not surprised you like it so much.

  6. I went for interesting the quaily of light and staute it's self are definitley spooky.

  7. Yankee Candle is known for the scents .. Votivo is known for its long lasting candles AND they smell great ..

    Good shots all


  8. The nice thing about kids - when they are in school making things, you get to help!

  9. I'm so glad you joined in for Blue Monday, but you did forget to link in to me! Add my site, please. Happy Blue Monday!

    You also did not permalink. People may have troubles finding your post after today. See rule #3. Please don't give up. We all struggle with these computer things.

  10. Just Me, Thanks so much. I agree.

    Jamie, They do have so beautiful stuff. I only go there during the holidays but have never ordered. I usually get one from one of my dear friends and I love it.

    Shutter, Thanks so much.

    Aileni, Thanks so much, I feel the same way.

    Dragonstar, I appreciate you stopping by to comment.

    Babooshka, I agree that the statue could appear spooky depending on the lighting.

    Daryl, Thanks.

    Envoyette, Thanks for taking the time to leave a comment.

    SmilingSally, I am not sure why the link wasn't there. Thanks for coming by. I believe I have it now.

  11. Anonymous1:30 PM

    Happy late Blue Monday and have a lovely week.

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  13. those candles looks so calm. I like the illuminating one. It looks so calm. Happy WW. :-)


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