Sunday, August 24, 2008

Product Review - Unique Skins

I am in love with Unique Skins!

What is this you ask?

Well, this is a company that assists you in giving your products personality. Unique Skins is a vinyl covering that you choose or design. It is made of 3M material and leaves no sticky residue when removed.

You can apply a Unique Skin to your I-pods, Cell Phones, MP3 Players, Laptops, Game Consoles, etc.

You simply chose your device, the make and model, then design, design till your hearts content. There are thousands of themes, backgrounds, and designs to chose from.

You can use their backgrounds, or your own photos, and add text. I chose to use the headings of 2 of my blogs and one of their backgrounds.

These make great gifts too. I am already thinking about 4 people I can check off Christmas gifts for by getting them skins for their I-pods, cell phone or laptop. For my husband, I think I might get him 1 with his company logo on it and another of the kids for his second laptop.

The quality is great (My photo's looked great).
They are easy to use (Goes on easy and comes off easy too)
Price is fantastic ($25.00 for my laptop cover)
Shipping - Safe (nice big unbendable envelope), cheap ($2.95 for my laptop cover).
Delivery - It took 2 days from the time I ordered until the day it was delivered to my door. (Now that is fast!)

Purchase for you or someone you love a Unique Skin!

Warning: Extremely Addictive. Don't come yelling at me because you can't stop getting a new skin for your phone, laptop or whatever. You have been warned.


  1. Anonymous4:07 AM

    We want photos! LOL!

  2. Anonymous7:15 AM

    Very cool! If I still used my old laptop, I'd totally get one. But I'm still enjoying the 'sleek' look of my new one. Maybe by next year I'll be looking for a change :)


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