Saturday, August 16, 2008

Friday 5

Come and play along with Friday 5.

What did you last replace batteries for? My daughter's talking teddy bear.

What have you thrown away that you probably could have had repaired? Not much gets thrown out here without first trying to repair it. My husband can fix anything. If it was chucked, it was broken!! Probably an kids keyboard that had just burnt out and was only $5.00 purchased 2 years ago. We got our money's worth.

Among items in your line of sight right now, what should probably be put in the trash? Some junk mail sitting in a pile on the table. This place stays pretty neat.

When did you last use disposable cutlery while dining in your house? Last month I had a mini party for my friend's son with just our kids because we had missed his birthday. I had left over disposables from a party I threw in April so I used those.

Whose actions cause you to waste time you otherwise wouldn’t waste? Waiting for people who are always late. Time is precious, I don't like to wait when I could be doing something.
Thanks for participating, and have a frugal weekend!

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