Saturday, August 30, 2008

The Car Wash Can Be Scary If You Are 3

I took the two of them into a car wash the other day. My son was amazed, this was the 2nd time and he couldn't wait. The Goddess on the other hand was very nervous. She kept hiding behind her juice to peek out.

In this one she is saying, "no, no pictures".
Handsome loved the sudsy water that cascaded over the vehicle. He just kept saying, "the sun's going down. Look it's night time."

Tiny Video of the Car Wash


  1. Anonymous11:09 AM

    LOL! CUTE! I love her little face peering over the juice pack :)

    At least Handsome had fun!

    Video came out good...your voice sounds SO different though?!

  2. was so cute. My voice sounds different? Crazy! I thought usually the person talking doesn't feel they sound the same on tape not the listener. I sound???? Crazy, Old, weird, annoying?????

  3. Anonymous7:14 PM

    LMAO! NONE of the above! You actually sound like a teenager?!!?


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