Thursday, June 22, 2006

*Sigh* I don't feel like voting.

Damn why is this picture so small??

So Big Brother 7 is pulling out the new edition of their sleeper Big Brother. I have to say I do love this hamster cage soap opera, however.. after watching last night's show where Julie Chen tells us who our 20 choices will be; I was left sitting in my living room, shrugging my shoulders asking myself why I am so interested in this crap. I was (BK - before kids) an avid player of SIMS. What?! Don't even get me started. I LOVED THIS GAME! Creating perfect families to live in my perfect neighborhoods was the most fun I ever had playing a game. Maybe this is why I love these stupid reality shows. Since I can't play anymore this is my way of watching little fake people live their little lives in front of my own little eyes. Or maybe I liked Sims because I loved reality shows. The point is this...oh nevermind really who cares what the point is? What is that I hear crickets? Oh whatever.

We vote on 6 and the Producers will pick the other 6 to be in the house.

Our choices are..

From -
Big Brother 1
Chicken George - Ok, while I found him sweet and kind of enduring in the beginning, his mid-life crisis during the show (changing his hair every other day) made him a bit odd.

Big Brother 2
Mike "Boogie" - God I hated this guy and his side worn tennis cap. He was annoying and an attention hog. I hope his stupid ass is the first to go!
Monica - Always seemed to be angry
Will - The Winner of BB2. Will was pure evil. He was a great player and I loved watching him scam everyone. He calls himself the evil doctor and he is not lying.
Bunky - This guy was always crying

Big Brother 3
Lisa - Winner of BB3. I liked Lisa and was happy she won. She had a good time in the house with the hot firefighter Eric.
Danielle - This chick was so annoying. She
Marcelles - He was interesting to watch.

Big Brother 4
Alison - Most annoying houseguest. She was a slut and had no problem admiting it.
Dana - Troll. I don't understand what Justin saw in her.
Erika - She was not as annoying as most.

Big Brother 5
Michael "Cowboy" - Oh ok..if he must come back. He found out he had a father and a sister (Nokomis) while living in the BB house. Sent his sister packing to save a friend. Ummm not a great way to welcome a long, lost family member. I could do without Michael coming back.
Jennifer "Nokomis" - Michael's sister. I actually liked Nokomis. I hope they bring her back.
Jase - Crap, I hated this guy but he might not be as annoying since Holly won't be back. Annoying, obnoxious idiot and I hope they bring him back.
Diane - She had the hots for Drew and supposedly that screwed up her game. I hope she gets a chance to show us that regardless of a crush she will still lose.

Big Brother 6
Kaysar - I hope they bring Kaysar back. I liked him, thought he was smart and not too bad on the eyes.
Janelle - Winner of BB6. I loved Janelle. She was interesting, hot and smart. She and Howie cracked me up. She had great energy and was a great player. I would watch just for Janelle.
James - What can I say. James played the game and I would like to see him back.
Ivette - Oh my God, this chick was crazy. I wanted to like her but she was such an obnoxious, loud bitch I had no choice but to hate her. She had this unfounded obsession with this guy cappy and she mentioned his name every second she was near a friggin mic. No thanks!
Howie - This guy was so friggin funny. He could be a bit much after a while and I would have to crack him one once in a while if he was a friend of mine because he never shuts up but I loved his humor. I hope he part of BB7

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  1. we have our own version of big brother (we call it pinoy big brother) and we've had 3 seasons so far. most of those who participated became instant celebrities. fourth season is on its way and i'm thinking, should i try my luck and join too? might become a celebrity myself. hahahaha! vote for me! :)


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