Wednesday, June 28, 2006

Got to love happy kids

The past two days the kids and I spent our rainy day fingerpainting, dancing, singing, laughing, playing with Little People, running through bubbles and now I just want to pass out on my couch. Damn kids, I am too old for this shit!

Jesse and Skye have a snack. Jesse found something really funny!

Skye's first coloring experience

Bubble Time

I love this picture. My son looks like he has had too much time in front of the bubble machine and my daughter looks like she is doing the twist!


  1. I love the pictures of the bubbles with the kids, they really turned out well! looks like a lot of fun

  2. She does look like she's doing the twist - how cute!! And I love bubble pics!

    Nah - you're not too old.. you're never too old for cute kiddy fun and games.

  3. Anonymous12:29 AM

    Hey where did you get the bubble machine? I have seen them before and wanted one.

  4. Lisa, I got the bubble machine at CVS actually.


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