Wednesday, June 07, 2006

Bone Tired

Lately I have been bone tired. Just as Skye has become more independent and self propelled, life has become crazy. I am so tired of yelling and saying..."Jesse leave Skye alone, Jesse no!, Jesse don't touch her, Jesse stop pushing Skye, Jesse let Skye play, Jesse don't kick, Jesse stop grabbing toys." I can make a recording and play it all day long. I know this is typical sibling crap but OMG...I am exhausted before the day even begins. I am really running out of patience and I am not sure how to handle the constant screaming from my daughter when my son does any of the above mentioned.

It is crazy how one moment he is so in love with her, especially when we first wake. "Hi Skye. Hi big girl. Morning" followed by kisses and hugs. The rest of the day..well me screaming any one of my above quotes.

I am sure eventually she will hit back and all will be well. I just wish I had the solution to sibling jealously. Any suggestions?

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  1. awww the fun begins! this is the stage where you were a black and white stripped referee's shirt!!
    as for suggestions??? I just do what I can to tell them that family is for life but at such a young age I don't think they really get that!! I think just being patient and loving to both and cherishing the kind moments between them is about all we can do!!!


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