Tuesday, June 13, 2006

My first Chuck E. Cheese experience

Today the kids and I headed to kid heaven Chuck E. Cheese. Me, my two wee ones, two girlfriends with 1 kid a piece. What a difference 1 kid makes. My girlfriends were relaxed, happy, laughing, eating, playing, taking pictures, yada, yada, yada.

Me...holding one, in my arms, hanging onto the other's hand dragging him while he cried that he wanted to go home. What the hell man..if I was a kid and my mom was giving me endless amounts of gold tokens to ride or play anything I wanted to; I would be having one hell of a toddler ying yang party. Not mine! While I am sure that this place can be overwhelming after a while, we were there 20 minutes before he started saying bye-bye. Jesse wouldn't ride on anything and didn't want to play a God damn thing. Sup with that? He would sit on things but the moment I tried to insert a coin he would scream and jump off. I had a great time putting my daughter on some rides while Jesse tried to pull her off of them. Oh whatever, maybe next time. At least we always have the ducks.


  1. got to love Chuck E Cheese and the tunnels...I remember they all smelled like pee with a few puddles here and there....I have phobias of that place and have yet to win mother of the decade award for taking the children there!!!

  2. I want to go alone next time..play some skeetball (is that what it's called?), sit alongside Chuck and have my picture taken and then eat a handful of cotton candy while washing it down with a humungo gulp of Cherry Coke. Damnit I deserve that! Ok..I feel better.

  3. CEC...that would give my 2 y/o nightmares for a month. All the lights, sounds, etc. would wig her out.

    We used to take the top readers in our school out to CEC as an award each year and I always made sure to chaperone. Free tokens and I could beat the kids at most games... :)

    Thanks for stopping by!

  4. That is probably what happened to my son. It was just too much. I hope he does better next time and I hope my husband comes along!


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