Friday, June 02, 2006

My Angel Baby

Some pictures because I have no time to post!

I took these instead of heading to Sears for Skye's 1 year picture. Anything to save some cash but that is for another post. I love the way the came out. I took about 80 of them; it was really hard to decide which one should go into her birthday thank you card. Finally decided but wish I had gone with one of the first two.

This was number 82, can you tell this girl was done posing?


  1. Well, I couldn't have decided either.. because they are way too cute.

    I love that you put angel wings on her.. sooooo cute!!

  2. oh my gosh........those are too cute and I love that you took them youself!!

  3. Holli, Thanks so much. I couldn't wait to put wings on my little angel. My BF got the outfit for me at the dance store she works at. I love the outfit so much that I have put her in it at least four times to take pictures. It is right now hanging on her bedroom wall as a wall hanging but I hope to put it on her again.

    Lala, Thank you so much. It was so hard to take them. It is amazing that I got any great ones at all. She was on the couch and I was afraid of her falling off because she was all over the place. Beside her moving around, I was holding my 2 year old who was dying to play with the wings back from getting in the pictures. The reason I took them myself; well...we haven't had a paycheck in about a year but that is another post so basically I had to save the amount I would spend at Sears. At least I had tons to choose from instead of the few I would have gotten from Sears.


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