Thursday, June 29, 2006

Mini Pool Party

Today I had a mini pool party for the kids and me. We emptied the pool of the 800 pounds of rainwater that made its way in there in the past four days. We fortunately dried out pretty well compared to some areas. This morning I got in the car with the kids and headed out with no destination in mind. We went to a park, then for a walk to a pet store. My son was loving checking out the fish, rabbits, birds and various other furry critter types. He spoke to a MacCaw name Sushi who basically says hello. On his first "Hello" my son said "God bless you" he must have thought he sneezed. After that he just kept repeating "hi bird, hello bird." The banshee girl on the other hand hated everything about the pet store so we eventually made our way to the door and I noticed a Party Store. We went there, I picked up a balloon for each kid, a ball and some invitations for my 40th birthday which I am planning for August 12th (more on that some other time). We got the kids a happy meal and myself an ice coffee and headed home.

With balloons, bubble machine and radio we headed to the deck for some pool time. The kids had a great time and I got to take more pictures (nothing better than that..I love me some pictures).

Funny story - Whenever I nurse my daughter, my son comes over and says, "Baby eats" I always say "Yes, baby eats" and the conversation is over after he nuzzles her head for a moment. The other day he saw her nursing, he came over to say "Baby eats" but this time my daughter sat up because she heard his voice. He took my shirt, pulled it down over my boob and said, "bye eats!" Ha...I love kids, they friggin crack me up.

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