Monday, March 04, 2019

Use Your Words - #NationalGrammarDay

Who even knew there was a National Grammar Day? I had no idea. While I am a total idiot and have barely any right saying I hate poor grammar. I do! It sucks to know you suck at grammar and constantly want to call people on their use of it.

For instance:

Yesterday someone on a Facebook page I belong to wanted to call others who ask about snow on the road conditions out. He stated "So another words everything is still fine" I couldn't help myself so I wrote "So In Other Words you are tired of the road condition questions?" son's Speech Therapist who use to say for instance; "You want these ones?" Or "These ones are red."  I loved her but after a while I couldn't contain myself and said, "come are his speech therapist and you're grammar sucks!" Thankfully we had a good relationship because I was rude but she said, "I say that? That is not okay." I think it is a habit that is hard to break. My husband always says Yous guys! that makes me crazy but it is endearing. ALL I am saying is try to use good grammar if you remember and well...Happy National Grammar Day to you.

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