Wednesday, March 06, 2019

My Life In Photos - February 15 - February 22

February 15 - I asked Goddess to draw a cat that 2 year old's could color for the letter C. They loved it!

February 16 - I am in love with these plants. They were .99 cents at Shoprite and I couldn't pass them up.

February 17 - OMG...this was our first attempt at Lava Cake. It was amazing.

February 18 - LOL...OMG...awful but it is all I have. Waiting for my son outside his school.

February 19 -  The kids and I decided it was time to start an Instagram page for our rescue babies. Follow us if you are interested in cute cats.

February 20 - Jinxy sleeping with his tongue out is the cutest thing we saw today.

February 21 - Our icy morning was so beautiful I had to get outside and grab some pics of our icy ivy chandelier.

February 22 - I grabbed a quick shot of my daughter's 8th grade grad photo to post on Facebook much to my daughter's dismay. She of course hates it.

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