Tuesday, March 05, 2019

5 Tips To Feel Better When Sick

I have been sick since Thursday however I think it was a few days before that that I started feeling sick but like most who have responsibilities I just told myself I needed more sleep, needed to lose weight, needed to learn how to manage my time better, needed to get some fresh air....all those things are true but it wasn't until I got the chills on Thursday that I decided to take my temp at work and realized it was over 101. We had been sending kids home from school for weeks and I was pretty lucky avoiding the stomach virus, flu, colds, and whatever else a Petri dish of a job handles on a daily basis.

Thursday I headed home and crashed on the couch after calling the doctor to make an appointment for a flu check.

A tech at the docs office handed me some tissues, I asked her if I was going to cry and she said sometimes during a flu check people sneeze or tear up. She stuck some skinny thing up my nose which yes, made my nose itch. The doc came in, felt my neck and said, "I think you have the flu my dear." She gave me a dose of Delsym and said she does not give Tamiflu.

"You will have the flu for 5-7 days. With Tamiflu you will have the flu for 4 days but will have all the aches and pains and nauseous associated with it." Alternate Motrin and Tylenol every 3 hours, take Delsym, keep the diet light, drinks lots of fluids and sleep!"

It sounded easy enough and it was. 

1. Listen to your doctor

2. Get LOTS of sleep

3. Use Vicks VapoRub. I use this anytime we have a cough or can't breath. It helps on so many levels and it is good for muscle soreness. I have been using it forever. I put it on my neck, chest and feet before bed. It stops me from coughing my head off and helps my nose clear so that I can breath without struggling. It is definitely a must for your cabinet. This is NOT an ad just really love the product.

4. Drink water, tea, orange juice, apple juice, whatever it is you drink. Drink it! Keep your throat, tongue and mouth lubricated.

5. Allow people to help you. YES! This may be the hardest. You need to slow down. You need to take it easy. Everything can wait until you feel better. Allow yourself the time you need to feel better and get your energy back.

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