Sunday, March 31, 2019

Miss The Old Polaroid Photos? Check Out Polaroid's Mint Camera

Polaroid Mint Camera ($99.99): Instantly snap and print a photo with this fun camera that prints out on 2x3" ZINK paper that's also a sticker! Three modes, automatic flash and a selfie mirror make it easy to capture those perfect moments and share instantly.

Guys...not sure how I felt about this product. I was so excited to see how it worked and how much the photo paper was. My daughter had been given a different brand as a hand me down from a cousin and the paper was so expensive after the first time using we never bought more. It just wasn't worth it.

I have a soft spot for Polaroid photos. Some of the last photos of my mom were shot on Polaroid back in the 70's so I was so excited when I got one.

The camera looks way different then it use to. It is smart phone size and fits in your pocket easily.

The package comes with everything you see here.

  • Polaroid Mint Camera
  • Instructions
  • Wrist band
  • USB charger
  • Starter pack of paper
  • Warranty

Knowing how much we like selfies these days, Polaroid gave us a selfie mirror so we can make sure we are in the frame.

You can choose between black and white, sepia and color. You can also choose to have the classic Polaroid border or no border. It has a built in flash that I didn't see a way to turn off yet if there is one and it has a 10 sec timer.

I have taken 5 photos so far. The first was an accident and it is a photo of me and my biggest fan and I used a border. I also took a photo of my son without the border. I love them both. The photos come out fairly quickly and the paper has adhesive over a sticky back so you can peel and stick anywhere if you want to use them as stickers. The last few I  have used as regular photos by not removing the back.

The camera can hold a photos on a micro SD card but would need to be purchased separately. So far it worked out great except a photo I took last night at my daughter's school. It was a dark hallway with lights coming from 3 different doorways. My daughter and two of her friends were in the photo and I could see them in the shot but when the photo came out it was dark and a friend wasn't in the photo. I guess I should have held it landscape but he was in my frame when I shot it. Disappointed but thankfully another friend took the same photo so I do have one.

Watch Goddess and I talk about the camera and take some photos

The camera sells for $99.99 and kids seemed to love the idea of it. A friend of mine wasn't sure what to get her daughter for her birthday and has decided to grab one of these.

The camera comes in black, red, blue, yellow and white

Amazon has them with free shipping


You can get a 50 pack of paper for $23.59

Don't want to carry a smartphone and a camera you can get the Polaroid Mint Pocket printer. It has Bluetooth for Android and iOS Devices

Disclaimer: I received a complimentary product for my honest opinion. No monetary compensation was offered.

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