Sunday, October 14, 2018

My Life in Pics Sept 9 - Sept 15

Sept 9 - Time for some Football. My husband's game day fare was nachos and beer. It was pretty damn good probably the best nachos I ever had.

Sept 10 - Woke up to a limping Jinxy. Took him to the vet and since he was in so much pain they took x-rays. It turned out he had a fracture in the growth plate of his hip joint. Not okay! Poor boy. To find out is my You Tube video on the sitch

Sept 11 - My September 11th selfie. I was waiting for my son to come out of school. Spent the day thinking and remembering that fate full day and who I was with, where I was and the way I felt. I guess it will always be like that! Never Forget!

Sept 12 - Goddess got to visit West Point with the Orange Country Junior Leadership Program. She sent me this pic of one of the planes.

Sept 13 - So this boy has been on pain killers for his hip. He is not getting better and having him locked in the small bathroom makes us all sad. That face tho! I spend about 6 hours a day with him and the kids take turns going to see him too. He is alone too many hours but I was working on an idea for a cage so he could once again be part of the family.

Sept 14 - Since Jinxy is locked in the bathroom and I spend 6 hours a day, my photos have been of him hence the 2 in a row Jinxy pics.

Sept 15 - This was the day we decided to try two baby gates. There is no air condition in the bathroom so I hated being in there. It didn't work. If with his broken hip and two baby gates stacked he still tried to jump out. I couldn't have him hurt himself more soooooo we closed the door again. GRRR.

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