Sunday, October 14, 2018

My Life In Pics - Almost Caught Up - Sept 30 - Oct 6

Sept 30 - Luna looking like the cutest Kawaii cat. Snapchat filters are so fun. She never looked more adorable.

Oct 1 - Sun kissed in my October Pink Breast Cancer shirt waiting for Handsome to get out of school. Waiting for him is my reading time. I have about 20 minutes and I use every single one reading one of the many books I need to review. Well, except when I am taking a selfie!

Oct 2 - Jinxy is home and recovering. We are very nervous with him because he is in so much pain. We give him two different pain killers as well as an anti-inflammatory. He of course hates the cone but it is the best thing on him. We are so glad to have him home and in the bottom left you can see his sister smelling his tail. I guess she missed him too!

Oct 3 - day home and he ripped 3 of his 6 stitches. It was horrific. He had a big gaping, bloody wound and the doctor wouldn't be open for 2 hours. It would take about that long to get to the hospital so I decided to stay close and get him in the moment they open the door. When we got in they told us we would have an hour wait for a doc and that we should go to the doc that did the surgery. We decided to wait considering this was a doc who had sent us to the specialist and it was just to redo staples. He did great. They were great and we were so glad when it was over. I was literally shaking sitting there waiting for the doctor knowing that he was open and could possibly get an infection.

Oct 4 - My husband redid his cone so that Jinxy couldn't scratch his staples with the ends. He added rubber piping tape making it the safest way for us to know Jinxy wouldn't be able to hurt himself while we were away.

Oct 5 - Another waiting for Handsome selfie! It is my alone time!

Oct 6 -  Goddess and I took a CPR class together. She was really embarrassed but got through it. I loved doing it with her and hope we can do more of these kinds of things together. I was so very proud of her.

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