Friday, October 14, 2016

Illuminature by Rachel Williams - Look For This In The Maria's Space Holliday Gift Guide 2016

Illuminature by Rachel Williams

Discover 180 Animals with your Magic Three Color Lens

Format: Hardcover Book , 64 Pages
ISBN: 9781847808875
Publisher: Wide-Eyed Editions
Explore ten of the world's most diverse environments and reveal their hidden secrets with a magic, three-colored lens that illuminates each page in a kaleidoscope of color.

Discover the dark and mysterious creatures of the night, whose super-sensory powers allow them to live and survive in the shadows, then switch the lens to step into daylight, where the heat of the sun supercharges the secret lives of creatures big and small. Finally, use the third lens to reveal the luscious plant life of every habitat as you travel through a jungle, a reef, grasslands, woodland and uncover a world that never sleeps with Milan-based design-duo, Carnovsky.

The 411:

If you are looking for something different and love giving books, this is the perfect book for all ages.
The book is broken into different locations and includes the day and nighttime animals you will find there as well as the environment they live in.

It is an informative book but totally different than anything I have ever seen before. Using a viewfinder with the different colors the reader will see different scenes on the page.

I wish I had filmed my daughter when she first started looking at it. She was truly amazed at how the book worked and all the animals she was able to spot through the included viewfinder. It is truly magical.

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