Friday, July 17, 2015

Personal Organizer Meryl Star's Top 5 Storage/Organization Tips

·         Clutter Mate: Whether it’s a sibling or a roommate, create a powerful alley in your clutter mate. It will keep you honest to the rules put in place from the onset of the school year. Papers strewn about the floor or piles of clothes on furniture – create a do’s and don’ts of clutter in your communal space and hold each other to keeping the clutter at a minimum. It’s also a rather cute way to tell your kids to clean their room.

·         Valet Storage Service: Truly affordable concierge storage services, such as Box Butler, enable the space starved and seasonally challenged to claim more space while having access to your things at the push of a button. And finding one that does not store your things in a third party warehouse means you can be sure your treasured items stay safe for years to come or your textbooks keep their value when storing them for next semester. Your items will be treated just as they are at home.  

·         Cubist Movement: The cubby hole is a genius creation. So take a cue from pre-school and bring the concept into kids’ rooms. Cube storage, which can be combined to create a variety of configurations, helps contain clutter and works great with fabric drawers too!

·         Greatest Hits Box: Create one box dedicated to all your/your child’s projects, crafts, papers. That macaroni necklace to the art history term paper printed on velvet for affect – it all goes here. And at the end of each semester or school year that box gets sifted through for the greatest hits. Those stay. The rest gets recycled and reused.

·         Nice Drawers: Fabricdrawers like these from ClosetMaid are malleable to the content you put in them, easy to fold and store when not using, and are great for book shelves or atop desks for an easy peak at their contents. They even come in more than 20 colors and styles.

BIO: Meryl Starr, New York’s expert personal organizer and author of The Home Organizing Workbook

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