Monday, July 13, 2015

Eco Bamboo Cutting Board with Handle #casaqoqo

This is one sexy cutting board.

We have about 6 different types of cutting boards in my house. Three are plastic, one is marble and two are ones my husband made with left over wood but I never thought much of them. They got the job done! Protected my ugly counters and were easy to clean off.

I didn't think anything about them until I opened this.....

Info from Maria's Space: 

The cutting board is a beautiful color made from organic bamboo. It doesn't hold onto odor like my wood ones which I have to clean with lemons every week so it doesn't smell like onions or peppers.

The lines on the cutting board are beautiful and I love using it and cleaning it. It looks good wet or dry.

I also love the handle. It is a lovely stainless steel handle that can be used to carry or hang the cutting board.

The cutting board comes in a plastic wrap which you can see in the photo above. It is almost shrink wrapped around it. I do however wish they had put the label on the outside of the cutting board because the glue from the bottom of the label is still on the board.

It only bother's me because it looks like an imperfection in the beautiful bamboo.

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