Monday, July 27, 2015

Find Out What Happened To The Youngest Dollanganger In Secret Brother #VCAndrews

The 411:

I have been sitting on this book for a few months and finally got a chance to read it. I loved every single page. 

In this version we find what really happened to Cory Dollanganger after he was taken from the attic.

While Clara Sue's brother Willie was dying, someone had dropped a little boy off at the hospital. He was poisoned and just left there. He has no family and doesn't remember anything. While Clara tries to come to grips that her beloved little brother is gone, her Grandpa has decided to take over the care of this little unknown who has no one.

What a fantastic read. While I read other reviews who had a problem with the fact that the story focuses on Clara and not the story of the Dollanganger's I loved the fact that they are not re-writing a story written by a beloved author. Having Cory or Count Piro as a secondary character is perfect. This book stands on it's own for those who have never read any of the Flower in the Attic Books/Dollanganger series. 

It is a story about a girl with deep loss and the many lessons she learns about herself and the people around her. It is a coming of age story that I can't wait to pass over to my niece to read.

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