Thursday, July 09, 2015

Teach Kids To Cook With Raddish #funforkids #raddishkids

This has been the year of box subscriptions. My kids love the idea of getting mail every month that contains something fun and exciting. It is like 12 months of Christmas they said and they are correct. Over the course of the past 7 months they have loved getting mail from a few different companies so when Goddess got this box from Raddish she was ecstatic. She had never heard of the company and it was a total surprise. I loved watching her go through it all.

The box included:
  • Recipe cards
  • Shopping list
  • Craft for creating a lemonade stand
  • Ice cream scoop
  • Instructions
  • Table Talk Cards
  • Award Patch for completion
  • Raddish Apron (this only comes with subscriptions 3 months or more.
Here's a video of our unboxing!

Goddess was able to make homemade cookies for ice cream sandwiches without much supervision. I just stood by for support and to man the camera.  She loved making cookies from scratch on her own and following the directions was a great way for her to practice reading and comprehension. She learned measuring and I think more than anything else was happy that I let her do it on her own.

Our baking supplies

Reading the instructions to familiarize herself
Yup, she's ready to go!

Measuring was stressful for her, a whole new experience

She takes this very seriously

Butter time
Making sure she is following all the steps

Mixing time. She was upset we didn't have a rubber spoon

Mixing in the eggs

This was her favorite part! Chocolate chip TIME!

Mmmmm looks good already
She loved this part!

Such concentration. If only she worked like this at school

They didn't last very long!
neither did the left over sprinkles

If you are wondering what to get someone you love for an upcoming gift or just because, considered Raddish Kids.

They have single boxes, 3 months subscriptions up to 12 months. Find the subscription that is right for you.

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Goddess loved this so much she asked to take a culinary class at the library this week.

I think she did great although it was hard to walk in and watch her cutting with a sharp knife.

Thanks Raddish Kids. You lit a spark in my little one. She's been bit by the cooking bug.

We are excited to see more Raddish kits, here are some of the greats that have gone out to subscribers:

: We received a complimentary product for our honest opinion. No monetary compensation was offered.

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