Thursday, July 16, 2015

Chalk Markers - Help Me Stay Organized This Summer #bearygeniuslaunchpromotion

This mega pack of Chalk Markers from Beary Genius are awesome.

  • Get 10 artist-grade premium liquid chalk markers made with the finest 6mm durable reversible tips
  • Draw with 8 grams of vibrant neon ink per marker - twice as much as in most other chalk markers
  • Illuminate your message or artwork with nontoxic, water-based, dustless, vibrant neon ink
  • Create school projects, menu boards, birthday greeting cards, signs, and more
SO many colors

We have shifted from chalk and dry erase markers to chalk marker for so many reasons.

Dry erase markers and chalk seemed to come off so easily. If someone leaned against it you had chalk or marker on you and I was constantly having to redo what I had written due to this reason. Chalk also ended up creating a dusty mess which for my allergy kids became a problem as well as the furniture near the writing surface.

With Chalk Markers, it goes on like a marker, nice and fluid but you can use them on all kinds of surfaces including chalk boards.  You can even use them on windows or your car. Write it and remove it just as easily.

We have been using it on our chalk board which we update every Sunday to keep us organized in  the Summer. It is a very easy, non complicated way to stay on top of what we have to do but also keep the kids in the loop so in the morning they know exactly what is going on and no one can complain about leaving or ending a game which was my past few Summers. Easiest Summer so far!

To use the markers, simply put them against a flat surface to get the ink moving. You can see they start out with a white tip.

But as you pump it it takes on the color of the marker. A few seconds was all it took!

We had one marker out of all of them that was missing a tip bit it didn't really matter in this case. In fact I removed the tip from the brown and inserted in the yellow and it was perfect.

Best Reason To Get These:
  • No smudging
  • No chalk dust
  • No odor like markers
  • Reversible tips depending on your needs. Just remove, flip the tip and reinsert.
  • Vivid colors
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Disclaimer: I received a complimentary product for my honest opinion. No monetary compensation was offered or received.

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