Monday, July 27, 2015

Handsome's New Desk Gets Organized

Well this was not the plan. I received this stunning, luxurious looking organizer set was supposed to be my new tissue holder and I was going to use the matching organizer to house all the combs, and extras on the bathroom counter! However, this week Handsome got a desk in his room for his new laptop (review coming soon) and snatched them for himself.

I love the look of it because it looks like money but it is quite affordable.

The base is bamboo and the top has a brown leather look to it.

The style and look would look great with any decor. It also can look very masculine or feminine depending on where you place it.

The bottom of the tissue holder which I didn't grab a photo of has four little wood feet colored in a bronze.

It would have looked beautiful in my bathroom but I completely understand why he loves it so on his desk it will stay.

Disclaimer: I received a discounted product for my honest opinion. 

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  1. It does look very nice. I think it's neat that he wanted it for himself. It always makes me feel good when someone else in the house also likes what I'm reviewing.


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