Wednesday, June 24, 2015

Who Knew That Moroccan Black Soap Would Give Me The Smoothest Legs Of My Life + Discount Code

This is my second product review from Zakias Morocco Beauty Products and I am blown away. The first one, a mud face, body and hair mask was wonderful, this one is even better and here is why.

The Moroccan Black Soap with Argan Oil and Kessa is good for your hair and skin too but I have not yet used it as anything more than a soap AND a shaving lubricant and MY legs have never ever never been smoother! Did I say my legs are smooth? I can shave and never feel like I get a clean, baby smooth leg and if I do, it only lasts that day. The next day, I have a 5 o'clock stubble that no one else can see or so they say but I can feel.  Honestly I didn't even realize how good this stuff was until today I was at the lake at 8:00 AM just me and a cup of coffee looking at the sun come over the mountain when I stood up. I had flip flops on and without even thinking must have slipped one off and rubbed my foot over my calf. I don't know maybe I had an itch. WELL! The next thing you know, my eyes opened wide and I was hyper aware of how smooth my legs were. As if not believing my foot I reached down and touched my leg. THEY ARE NOW, 8 hours later and over 18 hours after shaving S-M-O-O-T-H. This has never happened to me! 

I plan on having great summer skin!

So, if you take nothing else away from this review. KNOW that this stuff is great for shaving.

The oil is made of pure olive oil, aragan oil, water, sodium and potassium hydroxyde
There are no PETs, No mineral oils, No parabens 

You simply take a pinch of the black soap, yeah it weird at first because it feel like you are taking some crude oil and cleaning yourself with it but you get used to it by the second time. 

Apply it directly to your skin, Loofah or use a washcloth and use like any other soap. Leave it on for 3-5 minutes and rinse it off. Next use the Kessa which is a great little glove that literally helps you get a nice glow to your skin. It exfoliates nicely and is comfortable to wear.  LOVED it and felt totally spoiled and special afterward.

To purchase this for yourself head over to use ZMBLG-106 for a 20% discount now.

Disclaimer: This was a sponsored post. No monetary compensation was offered or received. I received a complimentary product for my honest opinion.

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