Friday, June 26, 2015

Everyone Needs A Selfie Stick!

I love selfies and believe you can learn a lot about someone from their selfie. For some of us selfies means finally a photo of us! As the person who always has the camera there are very few photos of the photographer. I can look at folders and folders of photos on my computer from the past few years before my smart phone and see very few photos of me unless I put my tripod up and managed to take a photo or two. If I did manage the tripod into the day it meant about 10-20 photos because it would be a long time between another chance. Sometimes it looks like I wasn't even at a party, event or location because there are NONE of me. 

As a mom and a daughter who lost her mom at a young age I know how important those photos are. I don't have very many photos of my mom but the ones I do have were all set up. No candids, no selfies, no personality shots. Usually a posed photo or two. 

Then the smart phone come; I finally got one and selfies were important to me but most of them were up in my face, nothing else around. Maybe that is due to my small arms? I have no idea but I have not mastered the selfie. 

Here is a prior selfies. Very close, usually washed out or too dark, I am only a head and my teeth look amazing. Oh wait, back to the selfie.

We are still learning it but the other day a Huuman ZaZa Selfie Stick arrived and we have been playing with it ever since. 

It was a quick set up. Turn it on, go to my phone settings, hit Bluetooth and find the selfie stick. Connect and you are ready. 

The stick has an adjustable clip on the mount where you can lift it to fit your phone. I used it with my iPhone 4 and my girlfriend used it with her Samsung Galaxy. You can also use it with your GoPro.

The ZaZa stick can be purchased in 4 different colors, black, green, blue and pink. It comes with a carrying bag and a mini USB cable for charging. 

Charging takes only an hour.  

You can extend the arm to a full 38 inches. 

Once your phone is inside the clip, you can extend, swivel, point or whatever you need to do to take the best selfies ever. There is ZERO slippage. It holds the phone firmly. 

Here are some of our selfies using the ZaZa

To take a selfie, you just press the button near the base of your selfie stick. It is where your hands are holding the stick. 

We have been having a blast!


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