Saturday, June 20, 2015

Car Sun Shades For Babies and Children

Summer is here and while we have protection from the sun in the front with the often tinted windshield, our sun visors and sunglasses the little ones in the backseat often have that hot sun beating on them, blinding them or making it hard to sleep and you know sometimes as a mom with an infant that is the best time for some peace and quiet. There is something peaceful about being at the wheel with a sleeping baby in the back, the radio on and a thought in your head. LOVE IT. 

When Handsome and Goddess were babies we always had a shield on the window. Now at 10 and 12 they have their transition glasses as protection BUT they still love a colorful, happy, kid friendly sun shade. 

These Starlitt Jungle Friends Car Sun Shade for Side Windows are great for for Babies and Kids  and have easy to use suction cups that so you can mount them to your windows. One for both sides of the car.

They are made of a mesh material and have an adorable, whimsical menagerie of happy, wide eyed animals.

They are so easy to mount that my 10 year old decided to do it for us without any promoting.

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