Friday, June 19, 2015

Flower Girl or Flower Child Everyone Loves Wearing Floral Wreaths Around Their Head


Head Wreaths, Head Garland, Ring of Flowers, Or whatever you want to call them everyone loves wearing one. I have had one for years. It is what I used to wear to the Renaissance Faire every year and makes you feel special, beautiful and it's fun!

I am happy to share this love with my dear daughter. She has never been in a wedding, was only at the Renaissance Faire but like all girls, loves a ring of flowers worn above the head. 

My little Goddess is wearing it to school today. Her girlfriends are going to love it! She got her whole outfit together last night with a matchy matchy floral dress. 

BTW...whether you wear it with a dress or with shorts like last week when she received it in the mail, it is never frowned upon to wear a crown of thorns.

We love the way the wreath wraps around the head with the ribbon in the back. It is so pretty! fits me too! 

The flowers are made of a foam and paper instead of that fake fabric flower stuff you usually see. We love this piece and I think my girl will be wearing it for a long time.

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