Saturday, May 02, 2015

Walk Down Memory Lane - My Niece and My Baby #memories (July 2008)

During my son’s 2nd year, my niece came to spend some time with me in the summer. I loved having her here and my son had a playmate. She is very loving, sensitive, sweet and affectionate, a real lovely addition to our small family for a few weeks in the year. It was nice having a girl to spoil too. Not that I could do much with her financially but I took her to lots of farms, parks, we went to the library a lot. We read together or she read to us. I brushed her hair after she showered and just enjoyed making her summer as special as I could in hopes that she would want to come back. I remember spending summers with my cousin Carol and her daughters. It made me feel so grown up to visit away from home for so long and I usually got to do things that I wouldn’t normally do at home.

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