Friday, May 29, 2015

An Unconventional Diet Process That May Reshape How You Eat

The Creative Process Diet. It is a highly unconventional high-concept art book that seamlessly integrates psychology, philosophy, spirituality, and art -- all for the purpose of helping the reader to lose weight and/or get into better shape as effortlessly as possible. 

The 411:

I must start with my very first opinion of this book. It took me three read throughs to understand the concept and not see it as a pompus attempt to redo dieting. 

Here is what I shared on my personal Facebook wall: Reviewing the most boring diet book of my life. It is something about mastering your psyche and ritualizing how u eat and plan your meals. Imagining yourself taking the food into your body, using it and dispelling. Eventually like dreaming when u sleep your body will diet on a sub conscience level. Kill me now! Things like preliminal, self mastery, obtained, ritualized and bindling don't sound like a diet. Not loving it, complete bullshit written by some self important, egotistical doctor and I am only one chapter in.

After my second and then third read through, I have a better understanding and more concrete idea of what the writer is conveying. 

Maybe it was because when I open a diet book I want it to tell me what to eat, when to eat, possibly give me some example plans and recipes. If you are like that, this may not be for you.

If you have read all those diet books and want something else, The Creative Process Diet may be the one for you.

Ben Adams, goes the no BS route. He wants you to stop, really think about your food as not just an enjoyable thing we do which inevitably adding unnecessary calories but to really consider your intake. My friends who are in the best shape of their lives do this. They don't eat just anything. They consider it and not just in a fanatical way but in a healthy, educated way. They know that the food they intake will travel through their body and be used as either fuel or become unnecessary waste that will either pollute their system or add pounds.

Who knew that by creating a preconceived eating plan, you will truly limit your intake. You are holding yourself accountable and this can only be a positive thing to your health and your waistline.

The book itself is designed in a very basic way. It's literally black and white although I still didn't find it easy to digest because for me it bordered on the philosophical side and I am so not into that but when it came down to the actual plan, it was really easy although I found the log book a little confusing at first with the OBT/DOC Obtained and Ritualized sections but I think I figured most of it out.

I like how I can keep track of my water intake because this is something I always make a conscience effort to do. I do love my water!

What I learned:

  • I do like writing down what I will eat the day before (who knew)
  • I definitely drink enough water
  • I love Tuna and have no problem eating it as often as possible
  • Just because I don't agree with something at first, I may just learn something if I don't close the book.
  • The diet has to work for you so make it your own.
  • I DO know how to eat but chose to not make the right choices
  • I am not as spiritual in my dieting as I am in my life. 
  • I remembered why I called myself the Amateur Reviewer rather quickly.
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Disclaimer: I received a complimentary book for my honest opinion. No monetary compensation was offered or received.

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