Thursday, May 14, 2015

I Just Reviewed The BEST Veggie/Fruit Peeler For $9.97 #deal


It looks like my grandfather's old razor but what you are looking at is a really amazing Firstchefpro Julienne Vegetable Peeler.

As someone who with two kids I am constantly peeling something. They want their apples peeled, their carrots, loads of mashed potatoes, and the occasional lemon or orange zest in our cookies. My peeler a thin little average peeler and I have gotten pretty good at peeling but nothing prepared me for how awesome this peeler is.

The first thing I peeled was my son's apple. He will NOT eat with peel on it. The pivot blade on this makes it easy to use and I like the size of the handle. It didn't cramp my hand at all. Usually I have to stop and shake off a cramp in my hand when peeling.

After peeling it I wanted to see how the Julienne Peeler worked. So I started working on the apple. I loved the little slivers of apple and so did my son. We have been grating apple on everything. He asks for "apple strings" now. I love the "apple strings" with a little caramel drizzle or cinnamon. The pieces are small enough so you can create all kinds of dishes using the Julienne part BUT if you want to just peel this works too!

It looks dangerous so for me the only thing that would have given this guy 5 stars would be if it came with a protective cover for the blade. It can be hung by the other end but putting this in a drawer without a cover makes me nervous.

The price is incredible. Anyone who loves to bake or cook will love this item.

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