Thursday, May 07, 2015

A Masculine Wedding Band Is What He Wants

The Tungsten Carbide Ring is beautiful! Really masculine and well made. I wore it to work yesterday and everyone complimented me on it. The woman more than the men thought it was a great ring with a great price. My  husband has never worn a wedding band unless we were going to dinner because of his work.  He loves that it is available in his size. He is a size 14 and has trouble finding rings for his fingers. He also thinks the price is great and the fact that if it does get damaged (impossible) or his finger size changes he can get another one.

I feel that it is a nice looking ring with it's polished finish and smooth lines. Our last wedding band was way too feminine to him even though he was the one to pick it out. This ring says, guy!

My only thought was that the ring should come in a jewelry box or even a draw string bag. It came in a little plastic bag and I felt that presentation is everything especially when it comes to a token of love.

Great for guys even if they are not married. It is a masculine ring and I know a lot of guys who would love this ring even if unmarried.


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