Monday, November 24, 2014

Two Chicks In A Candy Shop

This weekend Goddess and I headed out for a ride. We never know where the road will lead but we try to go somewhere.

We were so excited as we parked and got out of the car amid the buzz of hundreds of others who obviously had the same idea. The street was packed and the sidewalk lined with many, many others. As we entwined our hands I felt like I was walking with my girl in NYC. We had to walk sideways between others, saw a horse drawn carriage, heard sidewalk singers, saw lines of folks who were out to enjoy the beautiful Sunday.

First we ended up in a jewelry shop which Goddess wanted to go into. It was filled with bling until I pointed out that a certain pair of earrings she was looking at were only $4,400. She was shocked. Our favorite shop was a candy shop that had just opened.

I had just been showing her pictures of candy I used to love when I was a girl last week. We JUST had to get this since I it was one of the few I had shown her.

We didn't get any of these but I loved all that red, white and blue.

Look at all this color! I LOVE the red shelves which were stocked with glass containers of candy to buy by bulk size. Just grab a bag, a scoop and go to town. We didn't!

This guy looks like he didn't want his photo taken! We were right in the doorway so I snapped and moved which is why we have the blur but I had to share this guy with his lolli head dress.

You can see people were taking their time selecting their favorites. I love the nostalgic feel of the candy shop especially with that ladder.

She is holding our buys but I just had to keep looking. There was not enough time. I need to go back.

Don't judge but we found a spot outside, down the street and sampled it all!

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  1. Hi Maria,

    It was fun watching the video of this new experience. She did not understand how to "drink it down" in one gulp. LOL

    Thanks for making Blue Monday special.

    My figurines are not Lladro; no, they are quite a bit less expensive than that.

    Happy Blue Monday and Happy Thanksgiving!


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