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There's No Place Like Home

There’s No Place Like Home

December 29, 2007

We have lived in this house for about 9 years now and it is still very basic. The curtains that we bought for the house are still gracing our windows, the dining room table used to be a Staples banquet table and now it is a beautiful hand-me-down from our friends the Oz’s. The living room furniture used to be two chairs from our deck and now we have a couch but really not much else has been added in the way of furniture until now….

My husband asked me to sell something for him on EBay last week. I sold it for $350.00 and he was nice enough to tell me I could use the money for anything I want. Originally I was going to apply it to my credit card. Whose doesn’t go up around the holidays? Then I decided that perhaps I should get a new comforter for our bed. It has been 10 years since we had a new one but what could I do with the reminder?

But then…. I spotted this on JC Penny’s site and fell in love with the beachy look of it. The best part was that I had money, it is on sale and they are offering free shipping over $99.00. Could the moons be any more aligned? It is meant to be I just knew it.

I told myself that I would sleep on it and if I still wanted it in the morning I would order it. The next morning I measured again to make sure it was possible for my no wall living space. Where would I put it?

My sister-in-law was over with my nieces and I showed her. She loved it and told me I should order it. I told her that I was thinking about it but where would I put it and her brother/my Teach would probably have a fit because I was bringing more stuff into our house. He has a thing about too much stuff. Not much here but he hates stuff. Mostly he hates my stuff but that is for another post. Because this is supposed to be a nice post.

Today I emailed a picture to Bek  who also liked it.  The Teach came home early and I really wanted to know what he thought. I needed his opinion. He lives here too and he should have some say into what I bring in right? (To T, D, SR, I already know what you would say here).
I showed him a picture and he said without looking; “go ahead it’s your money get whatever you want”.

Ok, typical but I need to know if he likes it. So I leave the screen of my computer up and walk away thinking and also knowing him I know that he will eventually want to look at it but not show me that he cares. I see him look, he walks over to the wall in the kitchen, looks at it, looks at the dining room wall, then says, “go ahead order it and we’ll figure it out when it gets here. Wooot! I am psyched and can’t wait for it to get here. I am so excited to have something beside a couch, rocking chair, TV and dining room table and chairs in these rooms. It will finally look like a grown up home and not like a dorm room.

Thanks for the money honey and for the go ahead! You rock!

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