Monday, July 05, 2021

My Life In Pictures - March 23 - March 31

 March 23 - Took a photo of my dinner. I must have thought it was amazing.

March 24 - I love this little Shabby Chic dresser a friend gave me. I put it in my daughter's room to replace the old microwave stand she was using. It was old and ugly

March 25 - Jinxy in a harness. Is there anything cuter?

March 26 - Stormy passed away. It was horrible. We came home from school and I went to open the sliders. My daughter keeps her door shut so the cat's don't bother Stormy during the day. She opened her door, I opened the sliders and I heard. "MOMMY!" I told her to hold one second and she again said, "MOM! Mommy" As I walked down the hall, I knew. She had her hand over her mouth and was pointing to the cage. I saw the door open to the cage and thought for a second. Oh ok, she accidently left the door open and Stormy is in the room. The door was closed and we will just get her and all will be fine. I said, "Where is she?" She pointed to behind the igloo and I saw her laying on her side. I turned and hugged my daughter telling her how sorry I was. I asked her which blanket she wanted me to wrap her in. She kept saying I don't know but went through the motions. I picked Stormy up thinking the whole time how I was the adult and I HAD to take her from the cage. My daughter who was so sad shouldn't have to look at her. I wrapped her and held her for so long, too long. I didn't want to put her down. I felt so bad. I felt bad for Stormy and my daughter. \

I hold her for about 35 minutes walking around not knowing what to do. We had a Pawpod which we knew would be for her eventually. My daughter ran downstairs and together we prepared her final home. Poor Stormy. We loved you so much!

March 27 - The four of us went out to lay Stormy to rest. It was perfect and I will forever remember it.

March 28 - Watching TV above the fireplace for the first time ever. It seems high up but I will get use to it.

March 29 - she hates this photo but I love it! My girl is always smiling. She use to tell me spending time with me makes her face hurt as she tried to push her smiling cheeks down. She no longer says it but I know it!

March 30 - Took Goddess to work with me. We were waiting for the kids to start coming to school and she grabbed this photo of me.

March 31 - She is so round!

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