Thursday, July 15, 2021

Omg! We Both Saw it! Paranormal Experiences. Work Edition

So I’ve decided to start documenting all my paranormal experiences. I’ve had quite a few at my job, a preschool that I’ve been at for 6 years. Yesterday was probably the strangest.

It all happened in a second. My boss was about to bring in a child and I saw a child run past her. To say it was a child is a stretch because I saw something of child like size but couldn’t see it because it was a fast blur. It never ran past her so I assumed it was behind her And asked her who ran out? I looked behind her and then down the opposite hallway and saw a disembodied foot going around the corner of the hall, my daughter walked up behind me and my boss asked quietly, “did you see the thing in the hallway?” I was still processing what I thought I had seen and immediately said, “yes, I did.” Just then my daughter said, “ I was hoping to see something and I got to see the door close.”

If my boss had not said, “did you see….” I would have thought my mind was playing tricks on me as I have told myself every time I’ve seen something there. The fact that we both saw something without discussing it freaks me out a little.

I am not afraid at my job. I don’t have any strange feelings or nervousness but I have seen things a few times now as have others but never a shared experience. 

I’ve seen someone run behind my changing table only for no one to be there. Someone ran behind my co-teacher, into the bathroom but when I asked her who just ran in, there was no one there.

It is so strange that many of us have had experiences where we’ve seen something or a child has said something to us and while I am interested and find it all fascinating it seems so far fetched, 

Yesterday’s incident was shared which holds more weight than the past experiences. 

Have you ever had any experiences like this? Did you believe it or did you chalk it up to your imagination? 

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