Flag Day Celebration

School was coming to a close and I just knew it would be one of the last photo ops before graduation. I have grown to love so many of these kids. Handsome is heading to the middle school (our middle school is 4-8th grade) next year and have been working in the school for the past three months and loving it.

The Flag Day Ceremony is usually held outside but it was raining so...we stayed in.

Here is Handsome with his made in school flag

Flag Day

My Brownie Troop was ready to go!
Flag Day! Can you tell someone is really excited? Someone is happy about Flag Day Mr. Personality lately. IMG_0533 IMG_0532
Smiling Sally


Cafe au lait said...

Adorable kids! I played too. Mine are here and here.

SmilingSally said...

Handsome is well named. And, your Brownie is a real beauty too!

Thanks for joining in to Blue Monday, Maria.

Maria Gagliano said...

Thanks. Will visit and see you soon.

Maria Gagliano said...

Awww sweeet. Thanks Sally! He is my little man!

Robin Wilson said...

What a couple of dark-haired, dark-eyed beauties! Don't tell him I said that. They grow up so fast, take every opportunity to take those pics! You must have a great camera!

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