Sunday, May 06, 2012

Monsuno Toy Line Review

They’ve been lying dormant for millions of years, and now kids can harness the power of Monsuno, a brand new property and toy line from JAKKS Pacific.

The comprehensive toy line features innovative, kid-controlled action figures, accessories, combat sets, collectibles, electronics and integrated role play and brings the larger-than-life adventures of the Monsuno animated NickToons series into kids’ hands.

We received a Monsuno Party Pack – the ultimate starter kit for Monsuno. Our pack contained enough products for four boys (ages 6-10) to play, plus collectible items and tips and tricks to master Monsuno.

This week after school we invited two brothers from our neighborhood down for a play date. Goddess and Handsome have been playing with them since they are all babies but not as much as neighbors should so this was the perfect opportunity to have them over. I have to admit, after reading the game play instructions, I was hopeful that the boys could figure this one out on their own.

Monsuno is a wonderful way to engage boys in social interactive play doing something they like. They talked and laughed most of the time. It took some time for everyone to figure out how to spin the Monsuno figures, one boy in particular got it right away. He is 7 and tried to show his older 10 year old brother and handsome how to do it. Oddly enough Goddess and T were much better spinners at 7 than the older boys.

The boy's mom and I watched some Monsuno video and read up on the skill levels while the kids played. We soon realized that Monsuno is a great toy based mostly on the fact that it can be long lived. They will evidently never grow out of this. As the kids get older and their skill level increases, so does the game play.

Monsuno Toys are based on the animated series featured each Thursday on Nicktoons. It is wildly popular and airs 5:30PST/8:30 EST. Full Monsuno episode here.

Here is the commercial: 

Here is our video:

The 411 by Maria & Nurse S: While we agree the show is great and our kids enjoying watching and that the toys are super cool "no reason, a kid wouldn't love these" we felt that the game play was hard to understand. "There are more rules than Chess" but we also are well aware that we are not boys and the kids seemed to enjoy spinning their Core figures and seeing whose jumped out. They also really liked looking at the cards. We ended up (as suggested) by our Party Pack Combat sheet to exclude some of the rules for first time players. The kids traded and looked at each others cards and decided which Core Animal they wanted. There was one that was hard to get into its tube and no one wanted him. We feel that the boys were eventually read more of the rules and play the way Monsuno is meant to be played. We also feel that they are a great collection for kids who enjoy the show.

 Disclaimer: We received a complimentary party pack from JAKKS Pacific to facilitate this review. All opinions are our own and no monetary compensation was delivered.


  1. It sounds like they had a great time and that is what matters. Thanks for the great review. The stuff you received sounds great!!! Rita Spratlen

  2. From the looks of your pics the children had a great time with this! I will have to remember this when my nephews birthdays come up.I think they would love this!


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